Firewalking Empowerment workshops

Don’t doubt yourself, doubt your self-imposed limits

Live YOUR best life and be awesome!

Individual empowerment

Taking part in a life changing firewalk can bring forth amazing life changes that help overcome anxieties and fears that may be stopping your best life.

Do you need a more effective workforce?

Corporate team building

Firewalking is a unique shared,  emotionally intense experience between colleagues and is very powerful, thus creating a more productive and effective workforce, and empowered work environment.

Fun yet empowering fundraising!

Charity fundraising

Enjoy a truly special experience that will raise much needed funds and awareness for your charity and a great motivating experience creating ongoing support. 

Firewalking is Empowering and Healing.

Through our workshops you will improve your self-esteem, your confidence in yourself and discover that you have much more inner strength than you ever realised. We will show you what you can achieve and that you are a powerful person who can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Ask any indigenous culture that have been firewalking for thousands of years, it is not a fad or a sport.

You first and foremost have to respect the fire. Those coals are hot and you have to have total in the moment focus, letting go of any self-doubt which, as humans, we hold on to in many areas of our lives.

Once you have let go of that self-doubt and have trusted in your inner knowing, then there is nothing to fear from the fire or in your life.

Over the last generations, mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress have risen and continue to rise, because people have stopped trusting and believing in themselves.

Firewalking shows you that you are much more than you think you are and it illuminates and reflects that you are a beautiful, loving soul that is here for a purpose with nothing to fear or anything to doubt about yourself.

Our Firewalking Empowerment Workshops create the space for you to breakthrough any self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.